Second channel for Weather Network green-lighted

The CRTC has granted the net's application to operate the Environment Network, a Category 2 service that will broadcast climate- and science-related documentaries, drama and even comedy.

The CRTC has okayed the Weather Network’s application to create a new Category 2 cable channel to be known as the Environment Network. Its schedule will include climate- and science-related documentaries, drama and comedy including new series The Weather & You and Climates of the World and movies such as Twister.

Currently watched by eight million Canadians per week, the Weather Network is owned by Oakville, Ont.-based Pelmorex Communications. Says company CEP Pierre Morrissette: ‘We view this as a natural extension of what we do. The categories the new channel will cover are everything from global warming, climate change, droughts, floods, forest fires, earthquakes and tsunamis to water quality and quantity.’

Pelmorex also operates the French-language weather channel MétéoMédia, which currently boasts three million subscribers. Morrissette says an equivalent to the Environment Network second network may be added in future for French-speaking viewers, ‘but initially we’re starting with the launch of an English service and we’ll see how that goes.’

Morrissette tells MiC it’s too early to even ballpark when his new network will be up and running ‘because there are still too many elements to get lined up.’