Environics skeds webinar on next release of census data

Yesterday, the sixth round of data from the 2006 Census was released. Demographer Doug Norris will discuss marketing implications in a webinar on March 12.

Released yesterday, the latest data from the 2006 Census of Population provides detailed information about factors that shape the nation’s labour force, including the age, education and ethnic make-up of Canada’s work force.

Environics Analytics has scheduled a webinar for 1 pm EST, March 12, led by its SVP/chief demographer, Doug Norris. He says the new findings should show a growing gap between young women and men advancing in higher education; an increasing reliance on skilled immigrants and foreign-trained workers; and an aging work force as the oldest members of the baby boom generation enter their early 60s. ‘Everyone is worried about a future shortage of workers as the boomers head into retirement,’ he notes. ‘But I think the new data shows boomers staying in the work force longer and helping to address possible shortages.’

For instructions on how to join in the webinar, visit: http://www.environicsanalytics.ca.