Pontiac builds buzz with Catch the Vibe

GM is setting media loose with Web 2.0 tools and new cars.

GM’s Pontiac Vibe is running a three-city interactive contest for media participants, with sponsorship by BlackBerry, that gets drivers competing in some creative little PR stunts and Web 2.0 requirements.

‘Catch the Vibe’ saw 96 media participants split into four teams (Style, Performance, Flex, and Traction) and set loose with four new cars and BlackBerries to compete in various tasks for points – such as uploading videos of themselves challenging people at bus stops to a game of rock, paper, scissors (best out of five).

The teams were linked wirelessly to www.catchthevibe.ca in order to track their progress, blog, share Flickr photos and communicate with each other. Participants could earn extra points by building the team’s online support network, while online supporters were eligible to win prizes, including a new 2009 Pontiac Vibe (for one year).

Four ‘legs’ were completed over four days in Toronto this week (Monday-Thursday). Catch the Vibe was held in Montreal last month, and it hits Vancouver from April 14-18.