comScore Video Metrix launches in Canada

The digital measurement company's video service will support the growth of online video advertising.

The comScore Video Metrix, first to market in the US over two years ago, is now available in Canada. The digital measurement company added the Canadian market to the service today, along with the UK, France and Germany. The online video measurement service is the first of its kind in each of the four markets, reports comScore.

‘Recent years have seen an explosion in online video viewing, not just in the US, but globally, representing a robust online advertising opportunity for marketers,’ said Jack Flanagan, executive vice-president of comScore. ‘With comScore Video Metrix, marketers will be able to better plan advertising to a highly engaged but often elusive audience that typically spends less time with traditional media.’

Of the five countries now reported by comScore Video Metrix, online video had the highest reach in Canada, where 19 million viewers viewed a video online in December, representing 89% of the total online population age 15 and older. The UK was next with an 87% reach, followed by France with an 84% reach and Germany with an 81% reach. Penetration was slightly lower in the US, where online video reached 78% of the total online population.

Canada’s online video audience also viewed more videos than any of the other reported countries, averaging 112 videos per viewer for the month of December, followed by the UK with 108 videos per viewer, Germany with 92 videos per viewer and France with 89 videos per viewer. Again, US activity was slightly lower, averaging 77 videos per viewer in December.

comScore also released the top five video properties for each of the markets, based on unique viewers age 15 for the month of December 2007. Google sites led in all five markets. In Canada, Microsoft followed at #2, CTVglobemedia took #3, Yahoo sites #4 and DailyMotion #5.