Eloda ad verification now international

Marketers will now be able to verify for themselves whether they're actually getting the ad broadcasting they purchase.

Montreal- and NYC-based Eloda has reached an agreement with Talent Payment Services and its network of global associates to pilot Eloda Protocol for state-of-the-art monitoring and management of their clients’ TV advertising campaigns. The project will be conducted with a range of global advertisers in four territories: the UK, UAE/Middle East, Australia and South Africa.

‘There is a massive demand for ad campaign verification and discrepancy management in all four global regions, and with Eloda Protocol we have the ideal instrument for local advertisers, agencies and media companies to manage all aspects of it themselves with real, live, factual data at their fingertips,’ explains TPS president Justin Kramer.

‘Similarly to each of our local partners in this venture, who are made up primarily of leading local media owners and entrepreneurs, we are working daily with agencies and advertisers whose demand for ROI, measurement and accountability are each more of a priority than ever before,’ Kramer continued. ‘As such, we are all continually looking for innovative solutions to simplify and improve various elements of the production process and associated media cycle for all our clients.’

‘In other words,’ notes Eloda president/CEO Francois Rainville, ‘with Eloda Protocol, advertisers through agencies finally have full control of their media campaign execution, and can verify for themselves whether they’re actually getting the ad broadcasting they purchased.’

Eloda Protocol provides advertisers and media buyers with a web-based interface that allows real-time tracking of their ad broadcasts, enabling instantaneous management of any reported discrepancy for minute-to-minute full-delivery compliance of their contracted commercials throughout the campaign.