News giants celebrate nuptials

Nothing succeeds like excess, or at least that's what newly minted Thomson Reuters must have been thinking when it decided to dominate nearly all the jumbo outdoor screens in Times Square for much of its launch day.

When you’re about to control approximately a third of the financial info services market and you’ve paid a cool $16.6 billion to make it happen, you definitely want your news to have the maximum impact.

Or so the powers that be at Thomson Reuters – the behemoth that emerged from the acquisition by Canada’s Thomson Corp. of the venerable international Reuters news agency – must have been thinking. How else to explain why nearly all the jumbo outdoor screens in NYC’s Times Square were dominated by the new TR logo for much of last Friday?

But that OOH effort was only part of worldwide celebrations of TR’s April 18 launch day, when subway stations in New York, Toronto and London, as well as leading stock exchanges in those cities, were festooned with the logo of an entity its CMO, Gustav Carlson, described in the New York Times as ‘the new power brand in the global information industry.’

The deal was 10 years in the making, Trevor Cape tells MiC. He’s director of marketing and knowledge management for Interbrand Canada, which worked on the brand engagement component of the merger.