strategy bows stimulant today

The new weekly online newsletter is a stimulating round-up of envy-inducing new work to keep agency creatives and marketing execs up to speed.

Launching today, stimulant – by the friendly people behind strategy magazine – is a new e-letter and online home for all things creative that will showcase the best new ad ideas hitting the Canadian market.

A filtered, focused round-up of envy-inducing new work, stimulant was designed to keep agency creatives and marketing execs up to speed. The editorial slant is Creative Curated: top ad picks of the week, showcasing everything from brilliant traditional work to all manner of thought-provoking new marketing manifestations.

Because the subject is creativity, the approach will be to show more than tell. And to further spark creativity and inspiration (or theft), stimulant will also round up the latest and greatest from the worlds beyond advertising. Innovation in design, gaming, toys, media, illustrated arts – nothing will be off-limits.

If you want to share your work with stimulant, contact managing editor Annette Bourdeau If you want to share creative stimulants from outside the realm of advertising, contact random coolness curator Carey Toane And for any other related ideas, contact executive editor Mary Maddever at 416 408-0864.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to sign up for a (free) subscription at: