New Ipsos tools assess campaigns in advance

Next*360 and CampaignLab were designed for evaluating and optimizing multimedia communications prior to final execution.

Yesterday, Ipsos ASI Canada announced the introduction of two new tools designed to help marketers assess the potential impact of their advertising and communications campaigns before they’re executed.

‘Successful advertising connects your brand message with your target audience, but with so many ways to communicate, it can be difficult to know if you’re breaking through and connecting,’ explains Ipsos ASI president Jacquie Matthews. ‘With these new tools, advertisers gain a better understanding of how potential campaigns will succeed across multiple streams of media before investing in expensive media buys. We take a holistic approach to understand the full potential of your message.’

The first of the two new tools is Next*360, a flexible copy-testing tool that quantitatively evaluates the strength of a campaign across all traditional and new media touchpoints with online audiences in various combinations and media in context, assessing the overall strength, reach, persuasive potential and emotional response.

Ipsos’ second new tool is CampaignLab, a quali-quant tool that focuses on providing an early read on a campaign’s overall potential for success and the added qualitative component that uncovers deep consumer insights. This product was developed and delivered in conjunction with Ipsos Camelford Graham, a specialty unit of Ipsos in North America that focuses on qualitative research.