KitchenAid launches UGC offshoot from Food net promo

Food Network hosts are part of KitchenAid Canada's strategy for reaching Canadian consumers, and the marketer is using branded vignettes as a launch pad for its new KitchenAid Cookbook Creator.

KitchenAid is leveraging the popularity of Food Network hosts to reach the net’s viewers with personal cooking moments airing now through to December as vignettes. They will also be broadcast online at, although timing has not yet been confirmed.

Fresh host Anna Olson and Cook Like a Chef star Michael Bonacini are appearing separately in a series of vignettes that illustrate the emotional connection they experience in the kitchen. The vignettes are filmed at the Great Cooks Cooking School in Toronto.

A separate 15-second call-to-action spot aims to drive consumers online to either KitchenAid Cook for the Cure, a partnership between KitchenAid Canada and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, or the new KitchenAid Cookbook Creator, where consumers can produce customized cookbooks that include personal photos and a selection of cover images.

The vignettes were produced by MediaCom Canada with CanWest. Toronto-based Harbinger Ideas is conducting the public relations for KitchenAid Canada programs involving the chefs and the launch of the KitchenAid Cookbook Creator.

KitchenAid Canada brand manager Valerie Malone says the net was an obvious choice for the partnership.

‘The KitchenAid brand consumer is passionate about cooking and savvy about who they look to for advice and techniques,’ she says. ‘We recognize the Food Network as an influential source for our target consumer. By providing viewers with personal insights from their favourite chefs, we are giving them access to a unique experience with these culinary influencers – something no other appliance brand is doing.’