inviting ‘citizen journalism’

Wannabe news hounds can now capture news on their digital cameras and video phones, post it to a new microsite and potentially have it appear on CTV newscasts.

Talk about beefing up your reporting staff! CTV just launched a microsite to enable anyone with a digital camera or video phone to post news stories.

Effective immediately, CTV newsrooms across the country will be considering all footage received to determine its news value and, where appropriate, incorporating clips into its national, regional and/or local newscasts.

‘News happens anywhere, anytime, and this is a perfect way for Canadians to help us share any breaking news they are witnessing, as it occurs, with the rest of the country and the world,’ explains exec producer Mark Sikstrom. ‘This site will work well with CTV’s newsgathering and provide a first-hand perspective on newsworthy events from those first on the scene.’

The new microsite features an easy-to-use video and image upload tool to allow users to quickly submit footage, plus a daily list of recently submitted video and images – giving Canadians an opportunity to see raw, uncut coverage of breaking news happening at home and around the world.