Mobile media zones come to Gateway Newstands

Bluetooth tech is about to turn Gateway Newstands locations into interactive and brand-friendly mobile media zones for commuters in Toronto and beyond.

Gateway Newstands, based in Richmond Hill, Ont., has partnered with Broadburst Technologies, which has offices in Toronto and Vancouver, to roll out free mobile media zones. Commuters will be able to connect using mobile phones to get information about the services and offers in the world around them.

The first phase of the partnership will expand Gateway’s service offering at 40 of its Toronto-area retail locations. The mobile media zones will be installed at Gateway outlets in and along the Toronto transit system and throughout the city’s 27-km underground walkway, PATH.

Broadburst’s network of rich media venues across Canada and the US give brands and advertisers Bluetooth proximity messaging as a measurable content delivery channel. Gateway Newstands has over 500 locations in North America, strategically positioned in high-traffic locations such as transit stops, shopping centres, office towers and neighborhood convenience stores.

‘Gateway locations are ideally situated to provide a mobile media experience that creates relevant, interactive and engaging connections with individuals through their mobile phones,’ says Broadburst CEO William Kells. ‘The Broadburst/Gateway mobile media zones will open up new channels of communication for organizations and businesses wishing to make one-to-one connections with their customers as they travel throughout the city.’

Gateway Newstands VP marketing and promotion Noah Aychental says the deal will empower consumers and businesses. ‘Using Bluetooth wireless technology and creating a dynamic location-specific software interface, we can offer a permission-based service that showcases the many services and offers available to our customers through our locations.’