Pfizer ‘more than medication’ campaign pumps out wellness info

It may not mention the drugco's meds, but the wellness portal for Pfizer's campaign is wearing that branded content look.

Pfizer is running a new awareness campaign aimed at encouraging Canadians to make healthy choices. Partners on the initiative include ad agency zig, interactive agency Klick and media agency MediaCom Canada, as well as database management firm Health Connect.

The campaign includes TV (for French and English viewers) and magazine ads that will appear throughout the summer. The 60-second TV spot ‘Anthem’ asks the question: What does it take to be healthy? The TV creative showcases an array of life moments, and the narrative offers an answer to the question through a series of phrases, such as: ‘We can laugh. We can breathe. We can hold on. We can hope. We can dream.’

The campaign ultimately drives consumers to the interactive wellness portal, which serves up health and wellness information and encouragement to take healthy steps each day. The portal does not mention Pfizer medications, but does showcase the company and its history in some areas. The site also offers interactive quizzes, video downloads and interactive exercises that cover a range of health topics, including nutrition, stress management and even sudoku. The content will be refreshed three times per week.

Pfizer VP public affairs and stakeholder relations John Helou says the company recognizes that ‘to be truly healthy, it takes more than medication. Canadians and health professionals all told us that it was hard to find credible, useful health information online.’