Other media ‘not even close’ to TV: TVB

Among Canadians 18-49, television is more than six times as influential as radio, magazine, Internet and OOH, according to a new survey from the Television Bureau of Canada.

According to the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement’s latest ‘omniVU/RTS’ survey, television is the most consumed, most influential, most effective and most persuasive advertising medium among all Canadian demographics, including those 18-49.

These stats were widely disseminated yesterday by the Television Bureau of Canada. ‘Television is the hands-down winner when it comes to any advertising metrics,’ says TVB president/CEO Theresa Treutler. ‘No other medium comes even close.’

When Canadian residents aged 18-49 were asked, ‘Which one media source carries advertising that you believe to be the most influential?,’ more than 65% replied ‘television,’ compared with responses of less than 10% for radio, magazine, Internet and out-of-home. Similar responses were recorded when the question was about advertising effectiveness and persuasiveness.

‘To advertisers and their agencies, influence, effectiveness and persuasiveness are key to reaching their preferred audience in a meaningful way,’ says Treutler. ‘Having the radio on during your daily commute, a newspaper or magazine on your coffee table or pop-ups on your computer screen just do not have the same effect.’