Axe advising dudes to ‘act fast’

PHD Canada is helping to target guys on-the-go for a campaign touting a new portable body spray.

With the tagline ‘Act fast,’ Axe is deploying a clever combination of on-the-go messaging in a strategic media campaign for its new portable body spray, Axe Bullet.

Toronto’s PHD Canada created near-ubiquitous touchpoints advising men to expect the unexpected. ‘We built a campaign that tapped into the day-to-day lifestyles of our guy, and along the way reminded him that these were also great places to meet women, and that Axe was right there with him,’ explains PHD Canada account manager Joanna Janisse.

One novel element is vinyl decal placements on counter- and bar-tops to create the illusion that something was left behind. As well, there’s TV, print, mobile, transit dominations and c-store exterior posters.

Another unusual feature, for which Axe teamed up with Vice, is a mini-book inserted in the magazine’s June issue to highlight a series of ‘unexpected hook-up moments.’ Axe is also targeting male cellphone users starting this month, and is a launch partner of the MSN mobile advertising network.

PHD also worked with Gallop and Gallop and Unilever to create a new distribution channel for the product. The creative was handled by NYC-based BBH (Bartle Bogle Hegarty).