MindShare ‘Lightens the Night’ for K-C

The goal of the novel technique is to reduce kids' anxiety about wetting their beds by first communicating with their mothers.

To promote the launch of Kimberly-Clark’s new GoodNites sleep pant, and to demonstrate the communication platform ‘Lighten the Night,’ Toronto-based MindShare came up with a novel way of educating and engaging mothers.

The idea strategically supports the objective of creating launch awareness via an eye-catching user experience on a home page, while also promoting engagement through rich ad expansion. The communication platform of ‘Lighten the Night’ aims to reduce kids’ anxiety about wetting their beds through highlighting product benefits.

The concept was concocted by Mindshare Interaction, the direct response division of Toronto-HQ’d Mindshare Canada, says digital director Val Buckley. ‘It was about bringing together a big media idea and the brand’s communications platform of ‘Lighten the Night’ to create something unique and effective,’ she says. The concept was to completely darken the home page of Todaysparent.com to mimic the ominous effect of night, immediately followed by a lightening of the page.

‘The impact was further enhanced by a home page takeover which consisted of three rich expandable ad units running congruently to encourage user engagement,’ adds Buckley. ‘The site had never done this before, and they were at first reluctant to obscure their editorial content on the home page. But because of our longstanding media relationship with them and because of a frequency cap of one per user per day, they eventually agreed.’

Kimberly-Clark supplied the raw creative, which was then utilized by eyeReturn Marketing working in concert with Todaysparent.com to develop the darkening/lightening effect. The execution will continue on the site until mid-August, says Buckley. ‘The initial media results have been phenomenal so far versus the industry benchmark, and we expect this trend to continue.’