‘BYOB’ has new meaning in Quebec

When a survey found that 62% of Quebeckers don't know they're allowed to bring their own beer to restaurants, the provincial brewers' association launched a campaign to tell them.

A ‘Bring your own beer’ campaign has been launched by the Quebec Brewers Association in the province where the beverage is the favourite tipple, according to StatsCan. The aim is to correct the impression held by the 62% of respondents in a recent survey who weren’t aware that they’re entitled to take their own brewskis into restaurants.

To let Quebeckers know the practice is welcome, the province’s 877 licensed eateries are being supplied by the brewers with electrostatic ‘Bring your own beer’ stickers for display at each establishment’s entrance. ‘The logo doesn’t show any particular brand,’ explains QBA president/CEO Alain Madgin. ‘It’s simply a reminder that restaurant owners are happy to welcome customers who prefer to drink their own beer.’