Canada gets two more shots in Cannes: Titanium & Integrated

As un-Canadian as it is to brag, this announcement brings our teams' chances of taking home Lions to a pretty impressive 37!

The Titanium & Integrated short list released this morning was shorter than most winners’ lists. Just 33 entries made it through to Lions contention, including two from Canada: Taxi’s 15 Below and Kraft’s Diamond Shreddies.

Taxi’s coat for the homeless project and Ogilvy & Mather’s New Diamond Shreddies campaign are up against previous jury faves including Lead India, Uniqlock, Black Boy Wanting Water and HBO’s Voyeur campaign, as well as work that the industry had given good odds on going into Cannes, such as Whopper Freakout and Halo 3 Believe, plus unique projects like Droga 5′s Honeyshed initiative.

Factoring in Canada’s 35 spots on the Film short list, this gives our teams 37 shots at Lions for the closing awards ceremony Saturday night.