Viewers to get mobile exposure on The Score

The Toronto-based sports net is encouraging viewers to become on-air personalities via mobile during live shows. And webcams are next...

The Score is partnering with MyThum Interactive to launch txtTV (text-to-screen), an interactive mobile initiative that lets hardcore sports fans share rants, opinions, votes and predictions via SMS and get their nicknames on the air.

Viewers at home can interact with the hosts via text messaging during shows such as Drive This (4-6 pm ET). As users of txtTV, viewers can customize a nickname to ‘solidify their status as recognizable on-air personalities,’ claims Score Media. The net also plans to incorporate user-generated pictures via MMS into the broadcasts, as well as viewers’ webcam and MSN Messenger activities.

The Score is currently in talks with several potential sponsors with regard to the new interactive mobile properties. With txtTV, advertisers can have their branding integrated into the on-screen chat or be part of the online and on-air promos for the initiative itself.

The Score VP of programming Richard Garner says using SMS ‘as another means for viewers to share their opinions makes perfect sense for our younger skewing audience.’