Morissette taps MySpace for Karaoke contest

The Canadian singer is getting in on user-generated music to promote the launch of her new album.

Canadian recording artist Alanis Morissette and Warner Bros. Records are holding a contest on MySpace Karaoke in a bid to get users of the social networking platform singing along with tracks from her new album, Flavours of Entanglement. The prize? Tix to a concert and a signed microphone.

Users enter by visiting Morissette’s MySpace Karaoke page, which is sponsored by Rogers, and hitting the record button (assuming the users is already a member of MySpace). Morissette’s personal profile on MySpace has attracted almost 140,000 friends, and she’ll choose the winner based on her favourite rendition on July 20.

The Karaoke user-generated music service was introduced to MySpace as one of several new features bundled into a re-design in June. It lets users sing, record and share personalized renditions of certain (fully-licensed) tracks with the MySpace community. MySpace members can save up to 10 songs on their profiles, share them with friends and rate each other’s performances.

The social networking platform has about 117 million active users around the globe, including over 4 million in Canada.