ChickAdvisor launching sponsor-backed video series

From the makers of last year's Where'd You Get That? comes a new short-form video series... with sponsors and in-restaurant distribution.

Toronto-based social media company has signed Rogers Media and Zipcar as sponsors of a new video series called ChickChat TV. The video series will air across Rogers Media properties, including Pizza Pizza’s in-store network, to reach about 685,000 viewers per week.

At about 90 seconds each, 20 episodes will air in fall 2008. Viewers will be able to discuss and vote for their favourite episodes online on ChickChat will see ChickAdvisor co-founder Ali de Bold (pictured) posing tough questions about life, love and style to strangers on the street. It is based on discussions that take place on’s ChickChat forum.

The company plans to produce multiple seasons of ChickChat., which is planning a site re-design, will announce new social media advertising packages for 2009.

ChickAdvisor’s first video podcast series, Where’d You Get That?, was sponsored by Slice Network and aired last summer. Coverage about in traditional media outlets such as the Toronto Star, CBC Newsworld,, the Toronto Sun and Global TV has contributed to 177% growth for the site in the last year, reports ChickAdvisor. The site’s traffic has grown from under 1,000 visitors per day in September 2007 to just under 2,000 visitors per day heading into June 2008.