unveils ‘smart ads’ on new site

Now you can serve up ad messaging that moves to the beat of whatever tune your target is groovin' to, reports the social music platform.

CBS-owned social music platform, which signed a deal with Toronto-based UpTrend Media in April and launched a re-design this month, has unveiled some interesting advertising opportunities to go with its new look.

The site is currently enabling brands such as Converse and Motorola to integrate new functionality into their marketing campaigns using ‘smart ads.’ The capabilities of smart ads include moving ad messages to the beat of playing music, reflecting musical content/activity on the page for personalization, serving maps that show concert listings or ticket opps, and targeting users by demographics and psychographics. co-founder Martin Stiksel says the site ‘offers advertisers the ability to reach this crucial audience and hold their attention because we know what they’re into, and we know the kinds of features they respond best to. We’ve already had great success targeting campaigns for global brands like the BBC, Orange, and Apple, and the new site opens up even more compelling opportunities.’

At the time of’s deal with UpTrend, the site was reaching about 580,000 monthly unique visitors in Canada. Now, UpTrend reports the site’s audience includes five million page views per month in Canada. Worldwide, about 18 million songs are played per day on, while an additional 19 million people use the site’s widgets. The company also recently announced that it would pay artists per song played.