LiveHive to power nanogaming for

The Canadian company's interactive TV platform will vault the engagement factor for NBC's online Olympics coverage this month.

Waterloo, Ontario-based LiveHive Systems, which powers interactive TV viewing and nanogaming experiences, will launch platforms for viewer engagement for NBC’s online coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Canadians can play, but it will be with NBC coverage. Coke is the official sponsor of the game.

The Primetime Challenge is an interactive, two-screen companion to the broadcasts. As viewers watch on-air coverage, they will be able to engage with online content in real-time, predicting outcomes of live events, participating in polls, answering trivia, and playing mini-games. The platform also allows players to chat, challenge, and compete with friends. Primetime Challenge will be available from August 8-24. In August 2004, 203 million viewers watched 1,210 hours of Olympics coverage from Athens via NBC Universal-NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Bravo, Telemundo, and NBC’s HD affiliates.

LiveHive recently partnered with Toronto-based Capital C and Nissan to launch interactive elements for CFL broadcasts.