Centennial gets smart with Humanracebook.com

A new campaign for the Toronto-area college is leveraging familiarity with Facebook to draw people in with a new look at the enrollment proposition.

Centennial College has launched an ingenious campaign that ties together imagery from the social networking experience, a healthy sense of social responsibility and the idea that enrolling as a student with the Toronto-area college is the best step one can take toward joining a larger social network of great global citizens.

The online video intro at Humanracebook.com gives the user a snapshot of what the campaign is doing. Framed by images of floods, homelessness and protests, bubble-boxed messages (similar in style to that other social network) tell the viewer ‘The environment needs you,’ ‘The homeless need you’ and ‘Your conscience needs you.’ Each of the phrases is presented with ‘Accept’ or ‘Ignore’ buttons.

And then we learn that ‘Education is taking on a new meaning.’ Clicking through from the microsite to Centennial’s Signature Learning Experience information also leads to a button that says: ‘You have 6 billion friend requests.’

The campaign is running in the Greater Toronto Area, with a focus on Scarborough due to the campus’ location there. Media elements include online, bus wraps, billboards, silver boxes, a TV board on the Gardiner Expressway near the CNE, daily and community newspapers, cinema and an escalator presence in the Scarborough Town Centre.

Credits for the campaign go to Toronto’s Smith Roberts Creative Communications and Willow Media.