Ipsos takes I-Say data to Facebook crowd

Of all the online brands looking to engage with a younger user base on Facebook, Ipsos wants to do it by mixing I-Say data with fun and games.

The Toronto office of the market research company Ipsos Interactive Services is attempting to engage Facebook users with its Ipsos I-Say data through a new tool designed for the social networking platform.

‘Poll Predictor’ challenges users to correctly guess the percentage of ‘yes’ answers to questions initially put to Ipsos panelists in the US. Participants can guess how many Americans make their beds in the mornings, what percentage believe in UFOs, and what proportion would tell on a cheating friend.

The tool was spearheaded by an idea from senior interactive media analyst Andres Burgos (based in Toronto) and supplemented by data tested by director of panel analytics Annie Pettit. The questions used for the game were drawn from a recent survey conducted across the US to determine the behaviour of the American public based on over 1,100 questions covering a wide variety of topics. It may potentially expand its use into other countries.

‘I wanted to create an interactive online game that encompasses elements of market research,’ says Burgos. ‘This tool goes beyond just advertising on Facebook. Poll Predictor provides the opportunity to engage with our current panelists from i-Say and also has the potential to attract new members. We think it helps to differentiate us from other market research firms. We are always looking at new, creative ways to boost our brand. Poll Predictor sends the message that we’re innovative, forward thinkers.’