VisionTV looks into future

New entries at the high-minded cable channel include a 17-part doc series on prophesies, another season of McLeod's Daughters and another run of The Waltons.

A new documentary series made up of one-offs about future wars, asteroid collisions and human cloning will top VisionTV’s factual slate in 2008/09.

The high-minded cable channel offered a glimpse of its new schedule this week, including I Prophesy – 17 documentaries that explore visions of the future. Among the docs in the series are The Future of Global Warfare, Asteroid Annihilation, The Elimination of Aging and Mass Extinction.

Also on the schedule, documentarian Simcha Jacobovici (The Lost Tomb of Jesus – pictured) sets out to determine how advanced science can understand the human soul in his latest project, The Science of the Soul, set for ’09. Jacobovici will also appear in new episodes of the series The Naked Archeologist, airing Fridays at 10 pm.

Other faith-based documentaries on Vision include Emmy-winning US filmmaker Antony Thomas’ The Qur’an, premiering in September, and the acclaimed doc Join Us, about religious cults.

Prime-time highlights also include returning programs McLeod’s Daughters and Murder She Wrote, while beloved family drama The Waltons will air weekdays starting Sept. 1.

From Playback Daily