Zig putting ads where?

In a thinking-outside-the-usual-venues guerilla campaign for CFRB 1010 radio, the agency is plastering provocative questions in the darnedest places.

Toronto-based CFRB 1010, an Astral Media Radio affiliate, has launched a guerrilla outdoor campaign that takes the hot issues debated on its airwaves directly to the streets of its home city.

The zig-created ‘We Need to Talk’ initiative deliberately echoes the station’s penchant for addressing sensitive and thought-provoking topics such as: ‘Don’t gay couples have the right to be as miserable as straight married ones?’ and ‘Is Toronto a world-class sports city – at losing?’

In an audacious gambit, with media buys by Toronto-based VPM Marketing and Media, the questions are currently being posed not only on traditional billboards and TSAs, but also via ambient guerrilla postings everywhere from bike racks to the laps of panhandlers.

Explains zig ECD Martin Beauvais: ‘The topics debated on CFRB 1010 are literally everywhere. This campaign simply makes those issues pop and come to life in a way that can’t be ignored.’

Among the approximately 10 questions plastered in the darnedest places around Toronto are: ‘Should panhandling be illegal?’; ‘Should cyclists have to obey traffic laws?’; and ‘Is crime getting out of control?,’ which appears beside chalk body outlines.

‘CFRB is talk radio, the place where today’s hot-button issues are discussed, whether they are light and tongue-in-cheek or downright serious,’ notes Pat Holiday, VP/GM Toronto for Astral Media Radio. ‘It’s important that Torontonians start talking about real social issues again, and our station provides the perfect platform for people with opinions.’