33mag going intimate and interactive

Interactive agency Bluesponge is partnering with the Montreal-based online magazine to upgrade its content.

Montreal-based interactive agency Bluesponge is teaming up with 33mag to expand the urban culture online magazine to a fully interactive content medium. The new platform, scheduled to launch in late October, will encourage users to repeatedly visit and comment on and rate its content.

The site offers coverage of sports, arts and music, using photos, videos and texts to 65,000 visitors each month. It has been a gate for brands to get in touch with the 18 to 29 audience. Its web TV, photos, articles and calendars will each feature content and enhanced rich media interaction.

‘By working with 33mag, we’re pooling our vision of urban lifestyle to refresh the site’s approach to content creation and its business model,’ says Bluesponge president Fady Atallah.