Nortel bows global campaign on energy efficiency

Nortel employs viral marketing to tout the energy efficiency of its services.

To promote the energy efficiency of its network solutions, Toronto-based Nortel has recently launched a global marketing campaign that features television ads on CNN, as well a viral videos created by Nortel employees.

‘Viewership of CNN is expected to spike in the run-up to the elections,’ says Lauren Flaherty, CMO, Nortel. ‘That means more IT decision makers will hear about Nortel’s solution to an issue that is front and centre for them.’

Nortel’s Piles commercial on CNN focuses on how much money networks are costing customers, while Nortel’s Holes commercial, on how much money they are losing, by paying for energy inefficient network solutions. The two TV spots are also airing on CNNi (international). On Sept. 15 they will be run in Spanish speaking countries and on Sept. 22 they will be streamed on CNN websites,,, and

Three employee-crafted videos – The Nortel Robot, Socks and Sandals and Screaming for Help – have also been uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel.
Viewers have been able to vote for their favourite of the three on Buzzboard, a blog site hosted by Nortel. The winning video will be announced on the blog site today, will be featured in a paid online streaming ad in October on a trade publication website that has yet to be announced. The video voting initiative is also being promoted on the company’s international websites.

San Francisco-based McCann Worldgroup developed the creative for and executed both campaigns.

‘Today’s decision makers are the most connected, best informed buyers in history,’ says Flaherty. ‘They want tools to that help them gauge cost and value.’