Pfizer launches its first viral

The pass-it-on product-placement-free film has the pharma giant donating $5 every time it's forwarded.

As part of its ‘More than Medication’ initiative, Pfizer Canada just launched its first-ever corporate viral film, Graffiti. The powerful 90-second online film, follows a teen graffiti artist spraying a message in a dark, urban alleyway, who then comes home to his seriously ill younger sister, and pulls back her curtains to reveal his tagged message of hope ‘Be Brave’.

The film, created by zig, has no product mentions, instead, it enlists viewers to be a part of Pfizer’s guaranteed $50,000 donation to The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. Pfizer is donating $5 every time someone views the film and forwards it to a friend.

The film closes with an invitation to visit, which is also devoid of product mention, and devoted to helping Canadians live healthier lives by providing comprehensive, non-medicinal health information.

The film is part of Pfizer’s We Can Be Brave campaign, developed by zig, interactive agency Klick, Mediacom Canada and Health Connect, which is being supported with online banner ads on key French and English portals.