In-your-face pocket media hits the street in Canada

New promo ad medium is nothing to sneeze at - it's added value consumers can use.

The latest in-your-face marketing has come in the most literal form: pocket packs of facial tissues.

The Japan-originated concept is coming to Canada though Toronto- and Florida-based Resonate Integrated Marketing Group, which is providing advertisers with an additional insert – up to nine panels – containing coupons, product information and a call to action to drive their brand.

Resonate’s street teams are hitting Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver this month to launch the first program in conjunction with the Breathe Right and Contac Complete brands.

The pocket tissue program is available to advertisers on a regional or national basis and can be customized to include sampling. A recent research study in Japan showed that each packet of tissue in the market generated 20 to 25 consumer impressions.