Toscano draws attention with sidewalk pizza

'Pavement Picasso' uses 3D chalk art to launch Toscano pizza, and is captured online for posterity.

To help mark the launch of Toscano Gourmet Pizza, Toronto-based agency Capital C invited internationally celebrated UK chalk artist Julian Beever to help convey the meaning of its tagline, ‘The Art of Food.’

As part of a week-long outdoor event last week, Beever, an Internet phenomenon who has had millions of his chalk drawings downloaded by fans around the world, drew ‘The Art of Food’ on the pavement at Toronto’s RioCan Yonge Eglinton Square. Beever used his unique ‘anamorphic’ signature technique to create the elaborate 3D artwork, and samples of Toscano gourmet pizza were handed out to curious onlookers.

The progress of Beever’s elaborate trompe l’oeil was posted each day on at

‘While Julian Beever chooses pavement as the canvas for his art, we are creating our masterpieces on pizza dough,’ says Jeff O’Neill, director of marketing, Toscano.

Further events are planned throughout the country next month.