Astral Media Radio launches online PPM info capsules

Media planning tool demystifies radio's new measurement method.

After 60 years of paper radio diaries, the measurement methods in major markets across Canada are changing this fall, and Astral Media Radio is easing the transition. The media co is offering advertisers and agencies online information ‘capsules’ – five-to-eight-minute web presentations – to help demystify the upcoming Portable People Meter (PPM) for radio.

The Astral Media Radio Research department presented the PPM capsules and their impact on those involved this week with six capsules covering topics ranging from listening trends to buying radio in a PPM world.

The PPM will first be used in Montreal, where the new measurement results will be announced this December, followed by Toronto and Vancouver in mid-2009.

‘Astral Media Radio is adapting to today’s active business clients,’ explains Astral Media Radio GM, research and marketing services, Alicia Olson Keating. ‘It’s essential for our partners to have rigorous, rapid and reliable information, and we’re convinced these capsules will make it easier for people to understand the impact PPM will have on the radio landscape.’

The Info PPM Astral Media Radio capsules are 24/7-, English and French and online-accessible.