Vivimind asks: are you as cognitive as the next 40-year-old?

Cundari Health's multi-platform campaign taps OOH to challenge boomers to test their memory, while seeding intel on a memory-protecting product in mind game media environments.

Toronto-based Cundari Health is helping to spread the word on Vivimind, the latest memory-protecting product by Laval, QC-based OVOS Natural Health, by driving consumers online to test their memory.

Targeting adults 40 and over concerned with maintaining cognitive functions, the multi-platform campaign employs outdoor billboards this month to direct viewers to the recall quiz site, where they can compete with peers.

Also included in the campaign, which runs into 2009, are print ads demonstrating the benefits of the products. The ads are cleverly placed in the puzzle sections of the National Post and the Toronto Star, among others, and online at and, as well as in the game sections of Yahoo and MSN. TV sponsorship ads are running on stations such as TVA and Canal V. And efforts at trade shows like the National Women’s Show, the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors Show and the Canadian Health and Food Association Show are aimed at consumers, retailers and healthcare professionals.