Global loses Slater’s Enemy

Schizophrenic spy drama eliminated by NBC, along with Lipstick Jungle, after four episodes and a ratings loss to CSI: Miami.

One of Canwest’s higher-profile US pickups is now Global’s second miss of the fall season with word that NBC has canned the Christian Slater-starrer My Own Worst Enemy.

The spy drama, in which Slater plays a man with two personalities, netted fair reviews but failed to build an audience after a promising debut on Oct. 13, when it garnered over half a million viewers in the Monday 10 pm timeslot (all numbers 2+). It aired in simulcast, opposite CTV heavyhitter CSI: Miami and The Mentalist on A.

A Global spokesperson says the remaining four episodes of the series will air until the end of the fall, and there are plans to announce its replacement once midseason shows have been confirmed. In all, nine episodes will have aired on Global and NBC – where the show averaged around 5.9 million viewers, according to Variety.

Global also appears to have lost the romantic comedy The Ex-List, which was abruptly pulled from CBS’ schedule last month and is presumed axed. The cop drama Life has taken over its Friday 9 pm spot on Global.

Joining Enemy on the chopping block is NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, airing here on Rogers’ Citytv, which will bow out after the remaining episodes of its 13-ep second season have aired. The drama, about three high-powered friends, averaged fewer than 300,000 viewers Wednesdays at 10 pm on the five City stations from Sept. 1-Oct. 19. No word yet from Rogers on a replacement.