Perrier dips into the bar scene

Nightlife mash-ups help lure young socialites to the aah-bubbly drink.

Young urbanites in major Canadian cities got to experience the live, ultra-sensory side of Perrier this fall.

Socialites gallivanting in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver were targeted to experience the ‘Perrier Nights’ event marketing campaign, created and executed by Toronto-based NEWAD in 23 of its resto-bar venues.

Brand ambassadors were on site to talk up the Perrier Tour while illuminated projections of the Perrier logo were displayed inside and out. A range of branded items were dispersed, and product samples were handed out as between-drink alternatives every 45 minutes.

Bar patrons were invited to have their picture taken at the Perrier photo area and participants received promo gear directing them to the Perrier Tour web page for a look at their poses and the opportunity to play with footage from the event to create mash-ups.

The event marketing campaign was supported by bar and resto postings in over 300 mini- and backlit boards across the country and by various ad strategies with Nightlife Media, including full-page ads in its ‘On the Road’ section and on the leaderboard of its e-newsletter in Vancouver and Montreal.