OOH cos launch TRANSIT

New reach and frequency research tool allows detailed customization for bus and subway efforts in top 12 markets.

Four of Canada’s largest OOH agencies have launched TRANSIT, a first-ever reach and frequency research tool for Canada’s transit systems, which gives media buyers access to a single-source planning model underpinned by BBM/RTS.

The consortium of CBC Outdoor, Lamar Outdoor, Metromédia Plus and Pattison Outdoor have jointly invested in TRANSIT, which allows advertisers to fine tune their bus and subway campaigns, reach frequency deliveries using specific demographic data, product usage information, lifestyle and media habits – all sourced from BBM and their return-to-sample study.

‘This [measurement] is the first one of its kind in the world,’ Marc-Olivier Thibault researcher at Metromediaplus tells MiC. ‘The model will afford users optimal flexibility for detailed analysis to plan and analyze their transit campaigns individually or as part of a media-mix. It provides the ability to compare reach and frequency deliveries on any campaign, measure number of panels, GRPs on half or full showings on CMA or specific transit system footprints for many cities.’

The cities included are Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Montreal, Québec, Oakville and Halifax.

The two main functions of the tool are the ‘multi-objective report’, which allows the comparison of reach and frequency for different weight levels for one product, and ‘mixed-buy report’ which provides a combined reach and frequency result for different products.

Thibault says that in the past, only paper data was accessible and took minutes to get one piece of information. In electronic format, data is available in seconds and is more detailed, incorporating demographic information, behaviors, types of product bought in the past year, events attended, miles driven in a year, or even the number of people who shop at a given store. This lets users focus transit advertising campaigns to reach their client’s unique target market.

SMR Research/RJA was commissioned to work on the development of the reach and frequency model that calculates total campaign delivery for the majority of interior and exterior transit media formats, says Thibault.