Tassimo relaunches with customized print campaign

Kraft creates advertorials uniquely tailored to leading women's magazines.

Kraft Canada’s Tassimo has partnered with several women’s magazines to relaunch its new on-demand hot beverage system this Christmas season. Targeting mid- to high-income professional women between 35-54, the ad campaign conveys product benefits and promotes Bosch as the new manufacturer of the product through custom advertorial content.

As part of the print campaign, Kraft’s media agency, Toronto-based MediaVest, approached publishers of home and shelter magazines to integrate product images directly with editorial content in the magazine.

Lauren Richards, CEO of Starcom Media Vest Group, tellsMiC that they executed the ads differently in each magazine depending on its unique style. ‘For Style at Home magazine, the ad and the editorial pages were separated by clear acetate,’ she says. ‘While the left-hand full-page ad showcased the details of the product, the right-hand-side editorial page displayed the coffee system atop a great-looking countertop. The clear acetate overlay between the two pages was created specifically to create curiosity and generate interest from readers.’

The ad was created by Toronto-based Ogilvy and Mather.

The second element of the campaign was individually created advertorials. The tone, manner and style of the featured kitchens suited the editorial style of magazines such as Canadian Living, Canadian House and Home, Toronto Life, Coup de Pouce and Chez Soi.

The double-page unit complements the look and feel of each publication with a shot of a designer kitchen decorated for the holidays. Readers are encouraged to open the gatefold flap, where they see an extension of the kitchen shot with a Tassimo on the countertop. On the underside of the flap are holiday entertaining ideas incorporating the system and leading consumers to the Tassimo website.

Explains Richards, ‘Toronto Life, a high-end city magazine, featured a very contemporary cosmopolitan city feel, while Canadian House and Home was very much a high-end designer kitchen approach.’ The campaign will run until the end of January.