Ammo Marketing opens in Toronto

Focusing on WOM and grassroots efforts, Ammo will work with its existing sister companies' client base to develop influencer marketing in Canada.

Digital marketing network Isobar announced yesterday it is opening a division of Ammo Marketing in Toronto, bringing a new influencer marketing options to Canada. Ammo, which is headquartered in San Fran, and with a New York office, was a pioneer in the field, launched back in 1999. ‘My strategy is to have the best diversified digital services, and Ammo fits perfectly there,’ says Daren Trousdell, COO of Isobar Canada. Trousdell will act as supervisor at Ammo, while the vision and global strategy will continue to be directed by California-based Ammo president Julian Aldridge.

‘There’s a lot more education and outreach happening right now than there is actual work,’ Trousdell says of the current state of local influencer marketing. ‘We have a built-in client base, and we’re already working with our clients and doing lots of different things, so it’s easier for us.’

In June 2008, Isobar opened the search marketing agency iProspect, building the Toronto base of its digital marketing firm Mindblossom, acquired in November 2007. Trousdell says that Ammo, while continuing to work with current Canadian and American clients, will also take on some if its sister companies’ client base.

‘Ammo’s going to be focused on word-of-mouth influence or marketing through street, guerrilla and social media,’ says Trousdell of the difference between Ammo and Mindblossom.

Some of Ammo’s current clients include Beam Global Wine and Spirits, Electronic Arts, Reebok, Philips and TiVo. Currently, Ammo Toronto operates with two people, but Trousdell says that number will expand to five within the next 90 days.