This Bud’s online for football fans across Canada

An NFL prediction and trivia game offers deep engagement with Budweiser's target market, and gets big ad play in the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

An interactive game for football fans sponsored by Labatt Breweries is being broadly promoted on, through social media and in TV spots throughout the post-season, leading up to the much-awaited Super Bowl on Feb. 1.

Powered by Vancouver-based Exponentia, Budweiser NFL Live is an online prediction and trivia game that has been similarly used in other major sporting events such as the NHL, says Andrew Gregory, managing partner at Exponentia, but it’s a first partnership specifically with Superbowl and the NFL in Canada.

‘The benefit that Budweiser and Bud Light are seeing out of this live and interactive product is really around the idea of very deep engagement with their target,’ says Gregory. The average user session on the website is an hour or more, with about 500 people playing in each game, he says.

On the current version of the site, which launched in October with the start of the NHL season, there is an opportunity to link to different games, and the door is open to other sponsors.

‘It becomes this community of interactive game play, which has the opportunity for people to sponsor it from a variety of different areas,’ says Gregory of the site.

Incentives for players include a Budweiser prize pack for each game winner and one grand prize 46′ Samsung LCD HD TV that will be awarded at the end of Super Bowl XLIII. The games are broadcast on CTV and TSN in Canada.