Notes from the Mediascape: Expedia tries foam-vertising

Expedia Germany thinks outside traditional media by pushing flight deals on cappuccinos.

Advertising is everywhere these days, and your morning coffee is no exception. Expedia is branching out with drinkable ads in Germany, for a truly embedded twist on media.

‘We are always testing innovative ideas,’ says Alexa-Elisabeth Tietze, spokesperson for Expedia Germany. ‘We wanted to try something really different and had the ‘coffee promotion’ idea.’

The travel co teamed up with Deli Star coffee shops, whose employees used flavoured toppings to stencil destinations and prices onto the foam of customers’ cappuccinos. Information about the deals driving to was found on a card underneath coffee cups. The idea was tested in two coffee shops in Munich in December to push special prices on trips to Italy.

After positive customer feedback, they’re looking into ways to expand it in the coming months. The campaign was created by Serviceplan Munich/Hamburg, and the ‘media buy’ was done in-house.