Glam Media Canada attracts new partners

New Canadian brands hop aboard the eyeball-heavy fashion, entertainment and beauty network.

Glam Media Canada announced partnerships this week with online publishers social networking site Nexopia and parenting sites Yummy Mummy Club and Women’s Forum in a move that is said to offer further hyper-targeted reach into the 18-to-49 female demo.

Since it launched a year ago, Glam Media Canada brand engagement campaigns have run for local brands like Alliance Films, CanWest and Telus through its fashion, entertainment and beauty network content and daypart placements, resulting in growth to 8.8 million uniques in Canada according to the latest comScore data in December and a comScore ranking of 15 out of 100 Canadian properties.

‘We built this business specifically for advertisers,’ Scott Schiller, EVP of global marketing, tells MiC. ‘We consolidate the mid-tail publishers, the indie publishers of the Canadian audience, and that’s what spurs this whole viral component of our business,’ he explains. ‘Advertisers recognize us as reaching a mass audience in Canada.’
Glam Media also announced a sales partnership with Toronto-based media sales firm B-Scene Media that works with brands like and Forbes magazine.

With satellite offices around the world including Toronto, NYC- and Silicon Valley, Calif.-based Glam Media reaches 110 million uniques a month according to comScore, and has a network of more than 900 independent sites and blogs aimed at offering advertisers global portal reach as well as niche topic and behaviour targeting through the co’s proprietary smart targeting technology, Glam Evolution. With social media partners like Nexopia, for example, Glam Media creates custom brand programs such as contests, says Joy Cavanagh, director of international market development at Glam.