iVdopia launches iPhone app sponsorship net

Brands already on board include eBay, Nokia, Samsung, GM, HP, Virgin, Cadbury, Dominos and Airtel.

US-based ad network and tech provider iVdopia is launching an iPhone 3G ad platform today through its BrandConnect unit, tapping into a 12 million iPhone user market that has downloaded over 500 million apps. The new platform supports contextual ads, logo placements, banner ads, skin branding pre-app video and now, sponsorship.

iVdopia 3G iPhone ads also enable ad analytics with tracking info that includes how long users stay engaged and how many times a video ad is played. The technology boasts CPM delivery and caching algorithms for uninterrupted user experience.

Brand ad inventory already in the mix already includes eBay, Nokia, Samsung, HP, Virgin and Dominos.