Axe Canada flirts with Magpie Tweeters

Canadian brands are nestling in with Magpie, just as the newest ad network within Twitter bows new payment models this week - including an eBay-meets-Russian-roulette CPM scheme.

Axe Canada launched its ‘Tweet Me, I’m Irish’ campaign for St. Patrick’s Day this week, leveraging the Twitterati to build better pick-up lines through Toronto-based Harbinger and AXE Canada’s digital AOR Zig are picking up site traffic through targeted influencer and media outreach leading up to the green day. The site, created by JB Chicago, allows Tweeters to customize and send messages, and to vote on their favourite selections – the most popular of which so far have been ‘Stimulate me, I’m the economy’ and ‘Rock me, I’m paper.’

‘We know that St. Patrick’s Day brings out the flirtatious nature,’ says Greg Major, brand build manager for AXE Canada. ‘AXE is all about facilitating spirited communication between guys and girls, and this campaign leverages the mood of the season to accomplish exactly that.’

Axe is joins a roster of brands in Canada leveraging Magpie’s ad network within Twitter, which includes the Apple Store,, and Air France. Magpie targeting, which is based on the content of a Tweeter’s stream rather than geography, blends the ad message within Magpie-Tweeter message streams, matching advertisers with key influencers who are interested in the topic.

Magpie’s ad network is further feathering the social net’s 2 million reach to advertisers this week with the launch of new compensation models. Magpie’s latest performance reports, at a 9.95% click-through rate, show a 5% average lead over competitor viral marketing tools since it launched four months ago, and now Magpie is handing advertisers more control over spend, targeting and messaging with expanded online ad options.

‘This is significantly powerful from an engagement perspective,’ Phoebe Jamieson, VP marketing and communications at Magpie, tells MiC. ‘Advertisers need to understand the environment of where they’re advertising. Unlike geotargeting, Twitter by its very nature has no geographic boundaries; its users don’t arrange themselves by state, country or time zone – rather, they follow other users who talk about topics they are interested in, so advertisers are talking directly into a stream of highly open, engaged and reactive individuals.’

In addition to its current pay-per-view model, which creates viral brand awareness by starting or joining a conversation with Tweeters who are naturally talking about a given topic, Magpie’s new performance-based compensation models feature a modern twist on the traditional finders fee. Magpie offers pay-per-click, pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale options. Also, an automated online auction kicks in if there’s more than one advertiser wanting to target the same Magpie-Tweeter, and the highest bidder is given the right to the Magpie-Tweeter at the price of the second highest bid – which becomes the new CPM rate for the campaign.