Olive Media branches out to immigrant markets

Olive Media has partnered with Sing Tao Canada and Canadian Immigrant websites to provide advertisers access to more of Canada's immigrant communities.

Olive Media is adding Chinese-language news site SingTao.ca and immigrant resource site CanadianImmigrant.ca to its fold of websites, adding new multicultural reach to the online ad inventory it manages.

Sing Tao, the largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in Canada, receives 120,000 unique monthly visitors to its site – 58% of which are in Ontario and 34% in BC. Advertisers have a variety of digi-ad format options including banner, tile, skyscraper and video.

Canadian Immigrant.ca, which provides new Canadians with tools, resources and information, receives 20,000 unique monthly visitors to its site.

Olive Media, which boasts a network of 2,000 websites across Canada and the US, targets users through behaviour, location or time of day. Ads can be purchased for individual sites, for a specific channel (i.e. business websites, technology websites etc.) or across the entire Olive network.