MTV Canada hits new peaks

MTV is plotting creative brand roles for its new reality series set in Whistler, BC.

Free Form Productions has begun production on Peak Season, a reality series following the lives, loves and growing pains of seven 20-somethings in Whistler, BC. MTV Canada and CTV ordered 10 episodes of the half-hour series, which will likely launch this fall. The show targets the 12-to-34 demo, and according to Brad Schwartz, VP and GM of MuchMTV Group, series like these often skew female, however, he expects more males to be drawn into the show due to the action on the slopes.

Due to the unscripted nature of the series, Schwartz does not see room for product placement, however, he is open to creative marketing ideas: ‘Because this is an in-house produced show, because we have access to the cast of the show, that lends brand integration opportunities beyond what you would normally get when you acquire a show. If an advertiser wants to come in early enough, we can actually get the cast involved, and do something really creative that you don’t see in Canada very often.’

Schwartz says that they are also toying with the idea of having a commercial-free premiere for the show. Instead the premiere would be sponsored, much in the same way that Ford has done with 24.