Media Oker takes the bait

New account win for the agency has it commanding a new ship - media hook, line and sinker.

Media Oker Solutions has landed the sought-after contract to launch and recruit for the Provincial Navy of Saskatchewan. Spending is estimated to be in $17-19 million dollar range as the Navy staffs up. Forty-four other agencies pitched the business in a multi-round shoot-out that began with written credential submissions and ended with mimed presentations set to Handel’s Water Music.

‘We have to establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with,’ says vice-admiral Konahowsky. ‘The government has given us an aggressive mandate and we intend to fulfill all our missions.’

The Saskatchewan government has been threatening neighbouring provinces due to over-harvesting of endangered Prairie Cods stocks. Meanwhile prairie oceanographers have declared the Breaded Fish Stick extinct. The government has also initiated legislation extending Saskatchewan’s exclusive Economic Zone to 100 km offshore.

‘We are laying claim to some of the most valuable undersea offshore oil and gas reserves off our west coast, and we intend to drill,’ states an unnamed official. ‘We aim for a peaceful resolution of the maritime boundary between Saskatchewan and British Columbia however we remain vigilant and prepared for the any naval standoff in the straights of Alberta.’

Media Oker Solutions won the pitch by demonstrating its deep targeting capabilities and its acquisition-measurement technologies. Interested recruits are urged to join the Saskatchewan Navy on Facebook.

Earlier this year, the Navy hired Nebulous Branding Things to manage the creative assignment while Timid Relations received the nod to handle PR. Both are located in downtown Lloydminster. Timid Relations became famous during last November’s presidential race by handling social media fundraising for third-placed candidate Juan Pablo Garcia Javier O’Reilly.