Analysis: BBM’s Vancouver radio diarists say CBC is #1

And in Toronto, bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap go to CHFI-FM.

With the release of BBM’s Survey 1, we inch closer to the most significant audience measurement development in decades. Come the fall, PPM will officially be unveiled in the markets of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto. Thereafter we will have continuous measurement in those markets, with PPM replacing diary numbers as the trading currency for advertisers.

Programmers and advertisers alike will have to adapt to a very different set of numbers. Comparative analysis of the results produced by the two methodologies (in the US and Montreal, where PPM is already a fact of life) has already suggested that facts that had always been accepted as truisms will be called into question. (In an upcoming article I will analyse the profound effect PPM will have on ratings results as it rolls out across major markets.) For now let’s take a look at what the latest diary figures tell us.

Toronto: This time out, bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap go to CHFI-FM with a 10% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 8.4%). CHUM-FM continues to hold a lock on females 25 to 54 with a 16% share (up from 15%) followed by CHFI-FM with 11.7% share (up from 10.6%). Q107 continues to lead the way for males 25 to 54, posting a 12.6% share (down from 14.9%). The Edge increased its lead with males 18 to 34, turning in a 14.8% share (down from 17.4%). CHUM-FM also grabbed top spot for females 18 to 34, delivering a 14.7% share (up from 14.6%), followed closely by Z103.5 with a 14% share.

Vancouver: A good book for CBC Radio One, which holds #1 for adults 12+ with a 11% share of hours tuned (up from 9.9%). The Peak debuts with a 1% share for adults 12+ and a substantial female skew. Virgin Radio fell back a bit overall from last book, gaining some men and losing some women. Disappointing book for Rock101, losing ground across the board. CKNW takes a hit going from a leading 12.4% share to a 10.1% share for adults 12+. 103.5 QM-FM is in the top spot for females 25 to 54 with an 11.1% share (down from 12.9) followed very closely by CBC Radio One at 10.9% share. ROCK101 claims top spot with males 25 to 54, delivering a 10% (down from 12.6%). For males 18 to 34, the FOX is out front with a 14.2% share, followed by the Beat at 13.6%. Females 18 to 34 goes to the Beat at 21.1%, followed by Virgin at 14.7%. Teens overwhelmingly go the Beat at 50.2%

Calgary: CBC Radio One holds its place at the top of the heap for adults 12+ with a 10.8% share of hours tuned (flat at 10.8%). CJAY92 claims the #1 position for males 25 to 54 with an 11.4% share of hours tuned (down from 11.6%). Females 25 to 54 go to Lite96 with a 13.1% share of hours tuned (up from 11%). X92.9 leads the way for males 18 to 34, with a 15.2% share (down from 19.2%). Vibe 985 courted an impressive 25.8 % share for females 18 to 34.

In Edmonton, holding down top honours for adults 12+ is 630 CHED with a 13.3% share (up from 11.4% last time out). For females 25 to 54, CISN continues an upward trend with a 17% (up from 15.2%). For males 25 to 54, 630 CHED takes #1 with a 12.5% (up from 10.5%). Males 18 to 34 go to the Bear with a formidable 28.8% share.

A brief overview of share figures from the Survey One 2009 BBM courtesy of David Bray are available

David Bray is SVP of Toronto-based Hennessy & Bray Communications.