MICpicks: Dentsu’s ‘Three Things You Should Know About…’

The creative folks at Dentsu share their top three media-noteworthy executions.

Every Friday, MiC invites guest curators to round up the best and brightest examples from the mediaverse for a show-and-tell session. We know media is cool, so we’re giving it a cool-hunting forum to share Really Important Things That Are Happening Out There, and identify the work that best exemplifies smart new media thinking.

Today, Dentsu’s collective braintrust offer their top three noteworthy executions:

When we were asked to make our three picks for smart new media thinking, we looked at several different innovative and inspiring things that are being done around the world. Let us assure you, it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to three. Now, even though each of our picks has something unique that makes it stand out from the rest, there’s a thing that they all have in common. And that common thread is that they are all rooted in a big, solid idea.

Sony Vaio: Mannequins

Our first pick is a stunt done in New York, where a group of models sashayed into key locations like Grand Central and the tents at Fashion Week. They then stood motionless, posing as mannequins with the sleek new Sony Vaio laptops.

This idea is a big winner for us because it makes a huge impact with little money. We’re sure it must have cost a pretty penny to execute the idea as well as it was, but when you stack up the millions of dollars worth of media coverage and attention it received, what they put in simply dwarfs in comparison to what they got out.

View the video here.

Tide: Longer lasting whites

This street level installation out of Leo Burnett Frankfurt, starts out as a white board. As the pollution from the passing vehicles leaves its mark, it gradually reveals a clothesline full of brilliant white clothes. Apart from its sheer simplicity, we love this idea because it serves as a great example of how ‘traditional’ media can also be used to engage consumers in an innovative way.

Samsung: Extreme sheep

The final pick is a viral video for Samsung’s Smart LED Technology and we saw it on, you guessed it – YouTube. With countless advertisers vying for our attention and clicks on the infinite world wide web, this video entertains us with a herd of sheep doing everything from creating a fireworks display to painting the Mona Lisa. The ‘Extreme LED Sheep’ campaign, developed and seeded by The Viral Factory in London, makes the cut for its brilliant use of all the freedom and flexibility that YouTube has to offer. Sheep pong and five million hits (and counting) don’t hurt either.

To view the Samsung video on YouTube, go here.