Royale’s ‘Reno-cation’ reaches goal early

Social media immersion is credited with getting young moms to enter the contest, touted via an extensive campaign including integrated blog content, branded newsletters and 10-second TV spots.

Royale bathroom tissue’s campaign promoting a home renovation and spa vacation contest has three months to go, but the Moncton-based brand owned by Irving Tissue has already achieved 30,000 entries, surpassing its goal with just two weeks in market.

Gary MacIntosh, Royale director of marketing, says the online piece of a multi-pronged media buy, arranged by Halifax-based Time and Space, has been the strongest driver of contest traffic out of the gate. ‘TV is starting to pick up now a little stronger, whereas in the initial stages it was all being driven through the online component,’ he says.

With creative developed by Hawk, also out of Moncton, Royale’s ‘Reno-cation’ contest is advertised through sponsored newsletter, and integrated into blogs like and For instance, the promo is plugged in a sponsored Lainey post about the Osbournes: ‘Wanna hang like Kelly…minus the rehab? Royale is giving away a home renovation and spa vacation valued at $20,000 that includes a $13,000 upgrade for your place and then a $7,000 spa vacation to the Bahamas to celebrate your improvements.’

Ten-second closed captioning and dot spots have been purchased on specialty and conventional nets like W, HGTV, CTV, CBC and TVA in Quebec, which are driving viewers to Given that the brand is established with the 46-year-old-plus demo, the target for the current campaign is 30- to 44-year-old younger moms, explains MacIntosh.

One of the objectives of the contest, which runs through June 28, is to help build awareness for Royale’s CRM program called ‘Moment With Royale,’ an online newsletter that gives consumers e-cards, savings or consumer interest stories that tie in with the brand.

‘We realize with categories like bathroom tissue, you can’t really focus all your effort behind that particular element. You have to find other ways to create interest right,’ says MacIntosh.