Toronto Blue Jays’ big season opener

Launching with today's start of a new baseball season, the new Jays' TV, radio and print campaign shows fans why they belong in ballpark.

Some types of ecstatic fan behaviour are only appropriate in the ballpark, as is emphasized in a humorous new Toronto Blue Jays campaign created by Publicis Canada. A series of radio, TV and print ads, running until the end of the season, highlight the excitement that fans can have at a game – demanding autographs, crowding players or loudly praising their sweet batting skills – but that they likely shouldn’t attempt in everyday life.

Developed by MBS, media arrangement includes print ads running in the Toronto Star and Toronto Metro newspapers, while TV ads featuring players Scott Rolen, Roy Halladay and Vernon Wells will air on Sportsnet, TSN and CityTV. With the tagline, ‘You belong in the game,’ the campaign targets adults aged 25 to 54, and also includes a radio component on several Toronto radio stations.

‘In the past we have highlighted the unique abilities that the Jays’ players demonstrate on the field,’ says Duncan Bruce, managing partner, EVP/CD, Publicis Toronto. ‘This time around, we use humour to emphasize the passion and excitement that erupts when sitting in the stands at a game.’ Publicis has worked with the Jays since 2006, and this is their fourth campaign for the team.